Being in the education sector means shaping the ones that will shape the future, in a sense, "drawing the future". It is a great power, but also a great responsibility at the same time. This responsibility exceeds the school boundaries and makes us sensitive to all the problems of society.

Based on these thoughts, we chose to "be a part of the solution" to ensure that our country reaches its rightful place in the 21st century. We established Çakabey Cultural Publications with the professional facilities and staff within our school in 2007.

The book and exhibition prepared about Izmir were given as gifts to the Izmir Development Agency. These were used in EXPO 2020 studies and 5000 related institutions/individuals in the promotion of Izmir.

"World Heritage Turkey" photos were gifted to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs to be used in Turkey's promotions abroad.

Our published works were awarded the "Commendation and Contribution Plaque" given by the Minister of Tourism and Culture and the "Special Award" given by the Izmir Provincial Culture Directorate.

We always hope to work together for the future of our country and our children.

Özel Çakabey Okulları



World Heritage Turkey


Izmir is an 8500-year-old city


Doğanın Gerçeküstü Hediyesi Kapadokya


The Birthplace of Civilization Urfa


Gümüşhane Karaca Cave


The City Where Time Stops Ahlat